Interview with Luis Javier Guerrero, founder of the Young Warriors Reading Project.

By Daniel Olivas

Young Warriors Reading Project, expanding awareness and culture through reading.  This literacy program is focused on working with at-risk youth to encourage and empower them through reading.  The youth can learn how other people from similar individual and/or family backgrounds have experienced things similar to their lives but they have managed to overcome these obstacles and live successful lives.  Some of the authors they will read about will be former gang member, former drug users or drug dealers, survivors of child abuse, and victims of domestic violence. 

The youth will also read about famous cultural and world leaders.  The youth will also be challenged not only to learn about their culture through books but also to learn about other cultures and their impact on our society. Ultimately, the youth will learn that regardless of their past or current actions that place them at-risk, it is not too late for them to turn their lives around and have a positive outlook on life.

Young Warriors Reading Project

Individuals who have donated books:

  • Estella Guajardo
  • Kingwood Branch Library
  • Nicole Lucero
  • Jill Guerra Burger

Authors who have donated books:

  • Nicky Cruz
  • Jacob "Stitch" Duran
  • Reyna Grande
  • Alex London
  • David Tomas Martinez
  • Daniel A. Olivas
  • Dania Ramos
  • Victor Rivas Rivers
  • Pat Schmatz
  • Gary Soto
  • Sergio Troncoso
  • Mario Albert Zambrano