We are moving in Gods direction... 

In the direction.. to help at risk, homeless or unfortunate ones make a change, ones who need our guidance, our strength, our respect and our love,

love.. that will teach them to work together, be strong, healthy and be fueled with positive self-esteem and positive self-respect.
When one has made this commitment, this desire, their fulfillment of being strong; then one has made a change through determination and dedication throughout their time spent with helping hands from “Beyond Your Limits.”

And then we are set forth to move  together in Gods direction.  So lets make that Commitment together....

~Angela L. Guerrero  (Executive Director).

The mission of "Beyond Your Limits" is to create and maintain a safe haven environment where counseling, educational, recreational, and mentoring will be provided by our partners and staff. We will ensure that the mentoring program and charitable needs and donations meets the specialized needs of at risk adolescents, the homeless and veterans with a continuum of services in a nurturing, culturally appropriate environment, through a well-managed partnership of organizations and key stakeholders.

As a 501(c) nonprofit organization "Beyond Your Limits" goal and purpose: is to meet the developmental, physical, emotional, social, educational, intellectual, and spiritual needs of at-risk youth, homeless and veterans. Our sole purpose is to exercise positive influences through promoting self-esteem, integrity, confidence, strength and build morale in everyone.  Through positive support and encouragement one can develop into their full potential, academically and socially, and spiritually in our community.

Through "Beyond your Limits" our goals will be to transform all at-risk behavior and so they can be reborn just like a phoenix rising up from its ashes to live a new life.

Our Vision

Our Mission