"Beyond Your Limits" will be partnering with parents and the community to help our young adolescents, the homeless and veterans become successful in whatever endeavors they choose to pursue.

 To this end, we seek to accomplish six primary goals:

1) Build self-esteem, strength and self-respect in all of us.

2) Improve the academic performance and attendance of students in the  program and try reduce homeless and assist veterans as needed.
3) Promote physical health and strength through daily work out routines and eating healthy throughout the day. 
4) Prepare students for college, vocational school, and/or trade and assist homeless and veterans with shelter and employment/medical assistance
5) Develop students' life skills through programs and activities that focus on   finance education, health,  entrepreneurship, economic development, and social and interpersonal conduct. 

6) Prepare our young people to be future leaders and mentors themselves.